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Песни к иностранным фильмам

кинофильм “Pretty Woman”

  кинофильм “Pretty Woman”(p) 1990режиссер Fame [David Bowie]It Must Have Been Love [Roxette]Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison]   Fame     Fame, makes a man take things overFame, lets him loose, hard to swallowFame, puts you there, where things are hollowFame Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flameThat burns …

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кинофильм “Boys And Girls”

  кинофильм “Boys And Girls”режиссерHappiness [Regurgitator]Now Or Never [Duncan Sheik]If I Don’t Tell You Now [Ronan Keating]Think Of Me [The Drowners]Gorgeous [Girl Next Door]Quitter [Gas Giants]Stop The Rock [Apollo Four Forty]Bbq [2 Skinnee J’s]Don’t Let Me Hide [The Badlees]World Of A King [David Mead]Pace Of The Race [Allrise] Happiness   …

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кинофильм “Armageddon”

кинофильм “Armageddon”(p) 1999 режиссер I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing La Grange Roll Me Away Sweet Emotion Come Together Starseed   I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing     I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you’re far …

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кинофильм “Mortal Kombat”

  кинофильм “Mortal Kombat ” (p) 1995режиссер Goodbye [Gravity Kills]Juke Joint Jezebel [KMFDM]The Invisible [G//Z/R]Burn [Sister Machine Gun]Zero Signal [Fear Factory]Blood And Fire [Type O Negative]Twist The Knife (Slowly) [Napalm Death]What U See [Mutha’s Day Out]   Goodbye    In a mirror of you, reflections of you, you’re showing what …

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кинофильм “Anywhere But Here”

кинофильм “Anywhere But Here” режиссер Leaving’s Not Leaving I Wish Ice Cream Chotee   Leaving’s Not Leaving     Sometimes the time comes along When it’s time Time to move on You’ll still be there In everything that I do And wherever I go I’ll remember you Leaving’s not leaving …

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кинофильм “Twin Peaks”

кинофильм “Twin Peaks” (p) 1990 режиссер David Lynch. The Nightingale Into The Night Falling   The Nightingale     Music composed by Angelo Badalementi. A night to meal – it sad to me There is a love – mend for me The nightingale – it food to me And told …

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кинофильм “Batman & Robin”

кинофильм “Batman & Robin” режиссер The End Is The Beginning Is The End [The Smashing Pumpkins] Revolution [REM]   The End Is The Beginning Is The End     The sewers belch me up… The heavens spit me out… From ethers tragic I am born again… And now I’m with …

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 кинофильм “How To Be A Player”

кинофильм “How To Be A Player “ (p) 1997 режиссер Big Bad Mamma [Foxy Brown] I Gotta Know [Playa] Never Wanna Let You Go [Absolute]   Big Bad Mamma       Playa haters ery minute wanna stop my dough (uh-huh) And every other minute wanna rock my flow (you …

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 кинофильм “City Of Angels”

кинофильм “City Of Angels “ (p) 1998 режиссер If God Will Send His Angels [U2] Uninvited [Alanis Morissette] Red House [Jimi Hendrix] Feelin’ Love [Paula Cole] Angel [Sarah McLachlan] Iris [Goo Goo Dolls] I Grieve [Peter Gabriel] I Know [Jude] Further On Up The Road [Eric Clapton]   If God …

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