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Песни к иностранным фильмам

кинофильм “Higher Learning”

кинофильм “Higher Learning “ (p) 1996 режиссер Losing My Religion / Tori Amos [REM] Year Of The Boomerang [Rage Against The Machine] Tire Me [Rage Against The Machine] Let’s Stay Together [Al Green]   Losing My Religion       Oh… life, it’s bigger, it’s bigger than you, and you …

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 кинофильм “Hope Floats”

кинофильм “Hope Floats “ (p) 1998 режиссер To Make You Feel My Love [Garth Brooks] In Need [Sheryl Crow] Honest I Do [The Rolling Stones] Chances Are [Bob Seger] What Makes You Stay [Deana Carter] When You Love Someone [Bryan Adams]       To Make You Feel My Love …

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к кинофильм “Waiting To Exhale”

кинофильм “Waiting To Exhale “(p) 1996 режиссер Let It Flow [Toni Braxton] Sittin’ Up In My Room [Brandy] Count On Me [Whitney Houston]     Let It Flow     First thing Monday morning I’m gonna pack my tears away Got no cause to look back I’m lookin’ for me …

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кинофильм “The Million Dollar Hotel”

кинофильм ” The Million Dollar Hotel ” режиссер     The First Time     I have a lover, A lover like no other She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul And she teach me how to sing Show me colours when there’s none to see Gives me hope when …

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к кинофильм “Pulp Fiction”

кинофильм “Pulp Fiction” (p) 1994 режиссер Pumpkin And Honey Bunny [dialogue] Royale With Cheese [dialogue] Jungle Boogie [Kool & The Gang] Let’s Stay Together [Al Green] Lonesome Town [Ricky Nelson] Son Of A Preacher Man [Dusty Springfield] Zed’s Dead, Baby [dialogue] Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest [dialogue] You Never Can …

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кинофильм “Ten Things I Hate About You”

кинофильм “Ten Things I Hate About You” режиссер I Want You To Want Me [Letters To Cleo] FNT [Semisonic] I Know [Save Ferris] Your Winter [Sister Hazel] Even Angels Fall [Jessica Riddle] Atomic Dog [George Clinton] The Weakness In Me [Joan Armatrading] War [The Cardigans] Wings Of A Dove [Madness] …

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кинофильм “Reservoir Dogs”

кинофильм “Reservoir Dogs” (p) 1991 режиссер And Now Little Green Bag [dialogue] Little Green Bag [The Geroge Baker Selection] Rock Flow or Five [dialogue] Hooked On A Feeling [Blue Swede] Bohemiath [dialogue] I Gotcha [Joe Tex] Magic Carpet Ride [Bedlam] Madonna Speech [dialogue] Fool For Love [Sandy Rogers] Super Sounds …

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кинофильм “Empire Records”

кинофильм “Empire Records” режиссер Till I Hear It From You [Gin Blossoms] Liar [The Cranberries] A Girl Like You [Edwyn Collins] Free [The Martinis] Crazy Life [Toad The Wet Sprocket] Bright As Yellow [The Innocence Mission] Circle Of Friends [Better Than Ezra] Whole Lotta Trouble [Cracker] What You Are [Drill] …

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кинофильм “Four Weddings & A Funeral”

  кинофильм “Four Weddings & A Funeral ” режиссер I Will Survive [Gloria Gaynor]Crocodile Rock [Elton John]The Secret Marriage [Sting]  I Will Survive     At first I was afraid I was petrifiedKept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side;But then I spent so many nightsThinkin’ how …

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кинофильм “The X-Files”

кинофильм “The X-Files“(series) (p) 1996 режиссер Unmarked Helicopters [Soul Coughing] On The Outside [Sheryl Crow] Star Me Kitten / Williams S. Burroughs + [REM] Red Right Hand [Nick Cave] Hands Of Death / Alice Cooper + [White Zombie]   Unmarked Helicopters     Whose song is that remembered? At random, …

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