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Песни к иностранным мультфильмам

Little April Shower

  мультфильм”Bambi”(“Бэмби”)режиссер Little April ShowerLove Is A Song Little April Shower Drip, drip, drop, little April showerbeating a tune as you fall al around.Drip, drip, drop, little April shower,what can compare with your beautiful sound.(chorus)Drip, drip, drop, when the sky is cloudyyour pretty music can brighten the day.Drip, drip, drop, …

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Long Ago

  мультфильм”Hercules” (“Геркулес”)режиссер Long AgoThe Gospel Truth IThe Gospel Truth IIThe Gospel Truth IIIGo the DistanceGo the Distance RepriseOne Last HopeZero to HeroI Won’t Say I’m in LoveA Star is Born Long Ago Music: Alan MenkenLyrics: David Zippel Narrator: Long ago, in the far away land of ancient Greecethere was …

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Best of Friends

  мультфильм”The Fox and the Hound” (“Лис и охотничий пес”)режиссер Best of Friends When you’re the best of friendsHaving so much fun togetherYou’re not even aware, you’re such a funny pairYou’re the best of friends Life’s a happy gameYou could clown around foreverNeither one of you sees, your natural boundariesLife’s …

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The Virginia Company

  мультфильм”Pocahontas” (“Покахонтас”)режиссер The Virginia CompanySteady As The Beating DrumJust Around The RiverbendListen With Your HeartMine, Mine MineColors of the WindSavages (Part 1)Savages (Part 2)If I Never Knew You The Virginia Company Music: Alan MenkenLyrics: Stephen Schwartz Men: In sixteen hundred sevenWe sail the open seaFor glory, God, and goldAnd …

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  мультфильм”Snow Whtie and the Seven Dwarfs”(“Белоснежка и семь гномов”)режиссер Heigh-HoSome Day My Prince Will Come Heigh-Ho We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day throughTo dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to doIt ain’t no trick to …

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The Bare Necessities

  мультфильм”The Jungle Book” (“Книга джунглей”)режиссер The Bare NecessitiesThat’s What Friends Are For (The Vulture Song) The Bare Necessities Written by: Terry GilkysonThat’s What Friends Are For (The Vulture Song) Look for the bare necessitiesThe simple bare necessitiesForget about your worries and your strifeI mean the bare necessitiesOld Mother Nature’s …

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