кинофильм «Baller Blockin'»

кинофильм «Baller Blockin'»(p) 2000

Baller Blockin’ [Juvenile/Turk/Baby/E-40]
Rover Truck [Juvenile]
Project Bitch [Mannie Fresh/Baby/Lil’ Wayne/Juvenile]
Ballin G’s [Eightball & M.J.G.]
Thugged Out [BG]
Calling Me Killer [Lil’ Wayne]
Whatever [Baby/Lac/Stone]
Let Us Stunt [Big Tymers]
Uptown [Turk]
I Don’t Know [Unplugged & Lil’ Wayne]



Everyday, all day all we do is get our grind on
From sun up to sun down get our grind on
Tryna bust it wide open and build up my clank
Send a hit at these niggas so we could be the jank
You now how it is want everything for myself
Want every nigga scorin for me nobody else
Imma dog it ain’t not secret I want it all
Tha coke, dope, hoes and tha fancy cars
Tha game is cold but it’s fair nigga
Can’t trust no man cuz a nigga don’t care nigga
Nigga will do anything just to be tha man wit all tha work
Kidnap yo wife and yo daughter erase you off tha earth
Them niggas cut throats this shit is real cuzen
Better know tha game cuz if you don’t you get killed cuzen
Be ready to take a nigga to war behinds yours
Spark when it get dark and leave brains on the curve

[Turk] (Hook)
Why you blockin us
Baller Blockin us
You niggas can keep tryin
Ain’t no stoppin us

Niggas baller blockin so they lettin off shots
Tha feds came thru can’t stop tha clock
Then why a nigga up tryna close my shop
Lovely came thru in a Bentley drop
Tha cadilac truck we painted then got hot
Still runnin thru them hallways tote’n a glock
Word got around Curly tryna close my shop
Tha mail man down bad he can grab tha glock
Tell tha stupid hoe shut up she bouts to get popped
Tha cameras out and them lights is on
Them feds com’n thru and they gettin it on
So we duck and hide, supply and ride
Big party goin down wit Big Wood tonite
So we cocked tha glocks
Cuz tha beef is rock
Niggas shootin out windows instead of head shots
Believe that playboy


Niggas be gold killin
(?) slippery like grease create y’all bin on a (?) scrilla
Call tha police on a young busta just tryna money mack on a million
You best respect tha game or get yo cap pilled in
Whoopin ass and takin names about my pay
Straight up out tha year 2000 Y2K
We ain’t fit tha bearin fuck bamas, (?) , (?)
How bout Atlanta you know
We ain’t gotta smash pennies to make (?) no mo (Beyotch Beyotch)
See I just look like this
Project English left and plain
We use words like»It’s All Gravy Tre»
I spit tha (?) from tha job
My nigga Baby and them law
Tha block controller just seen it all
From white to brown and yellow (Beyotch)
Pineapple y’all
Leaky brown color to baller blockin y’all
Wit baking soda (wit baking soda) ya smell
Ball to we have it all (ball to we have it all) ya dig
Ball to we have it all (ball to we have it all) hoe


I know I need to stop but I’m solja so fuck it
Besides I’m responsible fo supplin tha public
My daddy got shot so I’m holdin it down
Outline, out of bounds puttin four in a clown
Bitch answer when I call make me know you got my change
Is it explodin in yo brain, do you think I’m playin games
See that’s why lil niggas like u get murder over ‘caine
Put yo self in a spot where u won’t be working again
I ain’t gone let yo partners from yo block confuse ya
You broke ’em off a package and they tryna misuse ya
Now tell ’em who got assed out you and me too huh
And Bubba want his money so I gotta kill you now
And all these muthafuckin laws tryna take mines
I ain’t wit that bullshit two at tha same time
Fuck I might at well give tha dope game up
But Beatrice said he got a fresh package that came up



Rover Truck


I’ma keep it on my mind
Stay slangin’ iron
Playin’, ya die
K’s whippin’ out
Prey every time
I’m straight off the porch — I live down the court
Lookin’ for that dope
Kickin’ in your door
Tyin’ up your hoe
And break the bitches up — run ’em in the cut
I don’t give a fuck — if them people rush, they ain’t catchin’ us
I gotta make the green
Smokin’ nicotine
Know a nigga’s scheme
Run em’ with the beam
Runnin’ with my team
Ў­And get it how I live
Keep it how it is
Make a nigga cents
Take a nigga bitch
Hit him with it quick
If it mean bustin’ a head, I’m gon’ do it
Whatever it takes to get the bread, I’m goin’ through it
Tryin’ to get my pockets swole up
Juvenile is ’bout to blow up
That third-ward sign I’ma throw up when I take it off of your shoulder
They come with they mask on
They be a clique, but I get ’em gone
Hit niggas in the chest when I’m slangin’ chrome
Tryin’ to kill me a nigga when the beef is on

[Hook 2x (Juvenile) ]
Baby, let me get the keys to that Rover Truck
Man, let me get this beef shit over, bruh
Ain’t no bitches here up in Magnolia, bruh
Bust your big head is what was told to us

Nigga, I’m straight from out the P. J., they murder easy
Well, if you’re spankin’ out for three days, believe what we say
Niggas be shootin’ that shit in they van, some of ’em sellin’ it
The rest of ’em sniff the cocaine, high off that yellow shit
Young niggas already got they mind made up
Nigga fuck with one of they boys, they get sprayed up
A lot of these children don’t have A/C in they house
Cockroaches crawlin’ all over the wall and they couch
Little mites runnin’ through the kitchen lookin’ for crums
While they mom hittin’ they (?) in the bathroom
Everyday you see a fight or shootout for a minute
It ain’t the projects, it’s the niggas that’s up in it
Man, half of these motherfuckers ain’t even from ’round here
If they didn’t have that work, they would never come ’round here
And when they come they draw all the heat with ’em
Lookin’ for some niggas to get in the beef with ’em

[Hook 2x [Juvenile])

You better know that me and Wayne want the cash, or we bustin’ ass
Ў­soon as I get out of my Jag with a gun a mask
Now play it how you say it — I bet ya won’t, bitch
I’ll have you leakin’ from your head when I take (?)
What you want, huh? Boy, that weed or that coke?
I don’t know what the fuck you on, but you about to get smoked
I’ll bring it to your front door right up on your porch
Until your bitches tell me,»Juvie, we ain’t beefin’ no more».
Now, where the dope at? Paraphernalia?
Give me twenty ki’s before I kill ya
Don’t be makin’ noise, nigga — shut the fuck up
You know where the dope at — now shut the fuck up
Bring me straight to it — don’t be tryin’ to act crazy
I want her — I need her, ya know — that’s my old lady
I’m doin’ bad, and my nerves bad with it
I’m lookin’ at your melon right now, and I wanna split it

[Hook 2x (Juvenile) ]

Project Bitch


[Verse 1: Mannie Fresh]
This is for Deshawn, Eshlawn, Lil Mama, an her friends
Lisa, Teresa, Maria, Tia, Lia and Kim
I love y’all broads, no disrespect to my dogs
but I love y’all broads, yea I love y’all broads
To the ladies havin babies without no drama
To my niggas with figgas say I love my baby momma
I bought them shoes, them tattoos, an even fixed yo breasts
I put you inside the flyest rides an even put a»S» on yo’ chest

[Verse 2: Lil’ Wayne]
This is for the ones who wobbled it an be puttin they mouth on it
An they suck everything out of it then they catch it and swallow it
I’m Lil Weezy for sheezy, I’m off the heezy believe me
See me, I squeeze in between it, and then I leave it so greasy
When I come through in a Rolls Royce, leave them with no choice
but to hop up in it an just let me make they throat moist
Ruby red an vodka it just carry a nigga
Give me three minutes maybe four she be wantin to marry a nigga

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]
Give me a project bitch
Give me a hoodrat chick
One that don’t give a fuck
An say she took that dick

[Verse 3: Juvenile]
My momma send me by my grandma, my grandma flipped out
an said we ain’t gone have no evil in this house
So I rolled out, scoped me out an sold out
but I fucked up when I started livin up in this hoes house
Nigga started fuckin one of the broads
cause she was suckin a nigga dick so good keepin it hard
Lettin a nigga cum all over her chest and tongue
She was still-un, I spared her because her chil-drun
She was a hoe she gave me head behind a building
aint sellin records but her mouth could sell a million
if you wanna take it there we can break it off
cause yall pussy aint gotta nigga tweakin at all
I slang this dick summer winter spring an the fall
ask me to lay it down I’m bringin it all
I’m tryin to hit ya from the back to ya house
Cause lord this mothrfuckin dick good and it always be hard

[Verse 4: Baby]
Look — a nigga could catch me r’d up
Them white folks know the code so we g’d up
an my range rover 4 door be d’d up
Tattoos and new cars and these project cuts
Got this nigga bitch I know been wantin to fuck
I deal with sluts ladies an bitches don’t give a fuck
Project bosses Weezy say»Respect Us»
Bitch nigga find me in the 4 door Lexus
I got a bitch shoot dice an a bitch that ain’t right
I got a bitch who will front ya work an take ya life
I got a credit card hoe, a scam type hoe, a fraud type hoe
Like to snort that dope, a dick suckin pro
A calico hoe, a real solid bitch out Chicago
I got a +Brat+ type bitch like to whine an shit
I got a project bitch like to start some shit


Ballin G’s


be ballin g’s we get buck
all ballin g’s just get crunk
bitches let me see you ride that dick
nigga you got ice than rock that shit
real niggas they dont hide they shit
we live and die for niggas we ride wit
fuck tha fame you can have that shit
imma slang an husltin an try to break me a bitch

I been many places
niggas pimpin an niggas playin
niggas hustlin niggas lyin an niggas prayin
for that allmighty
I ride them twenty inch yokohamas
in this game nigga I broke ya momma
smokin some-a
that tropical potent thunder
slangin dick knockin hoes down like lumber
chancin of u seein this nigga, Stevie Wonder
the pope said he wanna come smoke leave ya number

one of the realest niggas you looked at trick
imma slang an hustle an try an break me a bitch
soft ass niggas dont bust like this
eightball fuck up all yall when I spit
blows like snows in Ohio thats thick
catch this come up short like bushwick
trick we be known at the slap ridas click
we dont chase hoes an hate niggas that ride dick

w-w-w. m-j-g. com
give me the mic an ill give you songs
when the beats bumpin
give you something
for yo streo
an benz-o
chockin the fuck off endo
then go
splurgin off something in some over sized excursins
livin with a bitch you do nothin but blow herbs
when we tally hoe
daddy go
thats when my niggas say boom boom crack boom boom
thats what the trigger say

what I deliever
make you civil
like you was ???
break the skeleton outta mothafuckas who sellin them
shoot legs shootin heads necks an chests first
physically hurtin me
but nigga the stress hurts
I got a red shirt
spreadin over this bullshit
sometimes I wanna put down this pen and pull this
how come you think ??? with my pistol and
think I got no killin utensils

pistol play
playin wit me a get ya kidnapped
evidence show im just a hustla that know how to rap
post up an im gone bleed yo block
make it hot til it burn like a nigga sellin rocks
dd or one d nigga what the fuck
my room of 45’s got my back in the cuts
??? join the club
I bust all day
just as long as a mothafucka pay me what I weight
hate in my bloodstream
smoked out dreams
shoot raps through my vein like a nigga was a fiend
I told yall niggas we was hard from the start
keep enough shit yo blow ya block apart
just to say I did that
you know who did that
that nigga everybody know
he in the fat pack
moet if it was fly nigga I said it
you might regret it if you wet it
and you need a medic


Thugged Out


Wusup, nigga off top (off top)
Man, B. G. be hustlin’ ya heard me (Hustlin’)
I be grindin’ and fuck the Police (Grindin’) (Fuck ’em)
I don’t give a fuck bout them

[B. G. ]
I’ma lil’ nigga that will down you
Let off fifty rounds at you and
If you fake I don’t want to be no where around you
I’ma Head Buster, Tru Hustler, a real nigga and
Believe I’d never get caught without my steel nigga
You want beef with me, I’ma do ya somethin’ wrong
I’ma empty seventeenth bullets straight off in yo dome
I’ma Hot Boy, recognize or get chastised
Disrespect my mind, if ya want, ya gone die
Cause it’s like that, only way I know
How to play it, I’m all ready
Wanted by a triple murder by the Feds
So I’ma get me a brick, break it down to all O’s
Sell ’em for six, to let my cliental roll
Buy four more ki’s sell two, and sit on two
Cause I heard, through the wind, they got a draught comin’ through
I’ma hit me a lick off in that UPT
Tax them nigga’s I want thirty a ki

[Chorus — repeat 2X]
Nigga I’m thugged out
You wanna find me, I’m hustlin’
In the drug house, If I don’t know ya
I ain’t gonna give no love nigga
Everybody I serve, I serve holdin’ a gun nigga
Click, ready to bust nigga, click I’m thugged out

[B. G. ]
All I know how to do is thug, hustle, and kill a nigga
If I gotta, if I don’t know ya, don’t trust ya
Shit’s in me to be a rider,
Assault Riffles I got ’em
Stacked up in the closet
If ya out of line I’ma stop ya
Ch-Ch-Ch Chop Ya!
You know me, I’m off the block,
On my side keep a Glock,
Find me in a corner house, runnin’ a Quarter Shop
Police got my picture, on they dash try’na catch me
But fuck, they can kiss my ass, I’m bout Feddi
Thugin’ is all I remember that I’ve been doin’
Every since I came out the womb, I’ve been booin’
Runnin’ with straight killers, guerillas, and real niggas
It’s kill or be killed with me, you know the deal nigga
My price stay right, that’s why my shop stay hot
Whatever ya spend, ya gonna double it off top
Ain’t nothin’ in this World, you bout I ain’t bout
B. G. is gonna be forever thugged out

[B. G. ]
Told you before, I’m bout trigger play
So you can come my way,
If ya want, get a clip, emptied in yo face
I’ma donkey nigga, you don’t want me nigga
To tie you up, and throw you off, in my trunk-e nigga
Call yo wootay’s let ’em know I’ma keep ya nigga
To they cough up sixty gee’s my nigga
That’s how it go, cause if the shoes
Was on the other feet, nigga wouldn’t hesitate
To snatch me, and call B, so fuck that
I gotta Get It How I Live and
In this bloody streets, that I live on it’s real
So I gotta play it raw, cause only the strong survive
So it’s a must I sell them first, and grab them thing’s and ride
If I don’t, nigga gonna jump in they shit and smash out
Try’na catch me slippin’ and leave Geezy ass out
But it ain’t gone happen cause believe I know how to think
I’ma shoot a whole in yo boat first, before mine sank

Click, click, nigga like me be thugged out
Ya heard me, hustlin’, grindin’, try’na get mine
All these pussy ass niggas Baller Blockin’
Ch-Ch Check Mate, lay down partner
Ya heard me, I’ma put ya six feet off tiggedy
Nigga, Ca$h Money nigga for life, you know who I am
Ya heard me, you know Hot Boy$ my fam
Off tops, Big Tymer$ nigga uhh
Thuged Out, hustlin, goin’ to that corner house
Right up the street ya heard me, quarters, dope, weed
Whatever ya need, see B. G.


Calling Me Killer


[Lil’ Wayne]
Callin’ Lil’ Wayne (Wayne) a…
What? What?
What? What?

Hold up, you now under the deep cover of the lil’ slugger
Callin’ me head busta
Run with me K — blucka
Niggas done fled from-a…
…me infrared, sucka
If him wan’ play, busta, …
…come make me dead, busta
Bein’-a half-way out my nappy head
But I don’t care — I just grab my clip, slap and spray
Anywhere — it don’t matter where a nigga stay
Just believe me when I say,»Guerrilla warfare»
I swear, it be some more drama about these bags
Niggas in black drive Jags — camouflage rags
Niggas’ domes get bust wide open with blood and sweat
Niggas ridin’ off in Hummers — laughin’, drinkin’ Moette
You know me: Colleon, standin’ four feet
I’m to-tin’ cannons, wearin’ Rolies
See, these lil’ boys, they ain’t really up on my game
But once I run into that nigga playin’ with Wayne, man
See, when I spin-a you bend then I be on you block
But when me jump out with the chop-chop, my nogga, you drop
Now where your niggas at, comradie? They not with you now
I guess they heard that when I’m ridin’ I make the crew stop
Now, is you ’bout what I’m ’bout?
If you ’bout what I’m ’bout, you ’bout drama
Thuggin’ in broad day with four glocks, a knife, and a chopper
I’m runnin’ away, don’t get in my way
My nigga!
Callin’ me head busta!
Callin’ callin’ me killer!

(Hook [Lil’ Wayne])
Them callin’ me killer
Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga
My niggy, when I’m out late call me what you want
Full of blunts
Look out your window, see who in the front

Them callin’ me killer
Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga
My niggy, when I’m out late call me what you want
Full of blunts
Look out your window, see who in the front

[Lil’ Wayne]
Now as the heat flame up
Them lookin’-a down the street, them think they see Wayne truck
Him whole block don’t scare me ’cause me get me thing and bust
Them know that Hot Boys known to be dangerous
Now U. P. T. come down — chopper city in the ghetto, my man
Now who that be in the car with the chopper? Oh, it’s Lil’ Wayne
I get my K — cock, aim, and put holes in your brain
Give me that rag, you ain’t no soldier — wipe the blood off my chain
Gettin’ blisty…
…off in a black F-150
‘Bout to do the old usual — hit your block, just spittin’
Heads spinnin’ like a set of seventeens or somethin’
Respect me for who I be: seventeen, head-bustin’

(-Hook [Lil’ Wayne])

[Lil’ Wayne]
Original Hot Boy — land-cruisin’ with guns
I shall be the one who burn the block up
Never miss when I distribute anger up out my Cali’
Hundred shots automatic
Leave ya hopeless in the alley
Now, when a nigga runs up
If the nigga loveless (like me) would have his guns up
Just because of the simple fact that I’m a Hot Boy, …
…and got boys that got toys to stop noise
See, when me ride off in the Hummer, leave him set empty
Now him catch three ’cause him want beef
Now, me tried to tell the stupid boy,»Don’t mess-a with me».
Now look at him — open up his casket and see
Click-clack my mack, twist my Philly cap to the back
Jump in the black and scream»war», and just»pow! pow!»
How you love me now? With five barrels to your eye
The scene gets wild, and everybody gon’ die
What the dillio? Fill a four-four clip
You’ll get flipped for runnin’ off at the lip
Who behind the gun slang, …
…blood hang, …
…and twistin’?
It’s Mis-ter Wayne
Come splittin’ when I spit

(Hook- [Lil’ Wayne])

[Lil’ Wayne]
See, them callin’ me killer
Because them callin’ me killer
Them niggas callin’ me killer
Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga
Callin’ me killer
Callin’ me killer
Them callin’ me killer (Killer!)
Them callin’ me head busta, Cash Money nigga (Killer!)




Baller Blockin’
Nigga I don’t give a fuck
When it’s on, it’s on
We got Baby, Lac and Stone
In this bitch

I’m a neighborhood superstar
I’ll cook anything from a ki of coke
To a gram of that boyd
Niggas scoring glocks
Like brand new Hot Boy Reeboks
On my blocks stepping ’em up
With grams and rocks
If anything been scoring from me
It was ten a ki
I let my l’il round hustle
As long as they score for me

Look if I pull up on the block
Knowing the set was mine
No more hand-to-hand contact
I’m known for supplying
Since I opened up this set ‘chere
This how it’s gon’ be
Ain’t nobody selling shit nigga
Unless it’s for me

All I know is crack slanging and block hanging
On the corner [in] front the store
Doing my thang
These niggas know my game
How I do my thang
Water whip I can’t do
But whole thangs I slang

Now I’ma pay all my foot soldiers
And tell ’em stay focused
And front all the street hustlers
And keeping ’em posted
That white and that blue car
We call ’em the law
And the dirt that my niggas do
Is done in the dark

Got l’il whodie running water
And we ’bout to cook these quarters
The twenty under the seat
For my son and my daughter
The water hot enough
Start cooking these quarters
These niggas want it hard
And I understand

If I pull up dressed in all black
With a boot in my mouth
Cause a nigga didn’t pay ‘Lac
And I know that he sold out
Put something in my street sweeper
And run in his house
Knock a hole up out his pa chest
And a tongue out his ma mouth

A ki stashed up
And I’m gettin’ ’em all
I got a stash put up
For the drought in the fall

Hot Boys vacating the pop
Talk can back shit up
The Feds call my ‘hood a Payday
Cuz it’s packed with nuts
Ghetto rich money stashed
In the mansions bruh
I got them kis
Ten a ki from Fresh and Atrice bruh

I know niggas think bad
Cause the people ride fast
I got 5 strikes
I’m going out with a blast
Cash in your life nigga
When you playing with me
I’ll give you work
Break ya off ya face BG

Cadillac’s the name I run with
So call me Seville
Push a platinum Escalade truck
With 20 inch wheels
Now the Jag you saw me driving
That’s for everyday stuntin’
Loud pipes, big rims
So you can see when I’m coming

I don’t give a fuck nigga
Ain’t no rules in the streets
You know money come first
The other bullshit weak
I don’t wanna hear no stories
About my cheese
You violate nigga
Your family gon’ grieve

Headbuster Alva Stone
Ya heard me dog
And everytime ya heard my name
It was a murder involved
I just rap to clear my name
And smuggle bundles of that raw
Always rap so what you lames
Suburb and that car

Saratoga and I ride
I represent to the fullest
Ain’t nobody pulling strangs here
Unless that I pull it
If a nigga put a hit out
Believe that I took it
In the cost Bible murders
Was ODing and bullets

All I know is gun slanging and head banging
Too many disrespected
And lived to sang it
Drop change like a motherfucker
Fuck them niggas
If a nigga outta line
Motherfuck that nigga

Type of nigga who’ll bat a bitch
And then wait on her pa
Type of nigga who’ll do a snitch
Broad day in the park
I’m one of them niggas that don’t bring it
Still buy up the bulk
Like Rob Deniero, Rob Banks
And bang out with the law

Look here I come from the projects
And the ghetto streets
I’m cooking up whole thangs
‘Till they hard like concrete
I fronted the OG’s
A bag of that olzes
For niggas that don’t know
I got something whodie

The same ol’ nigga
Just a different game
Fuck bitches, tote heat
Things never gon’ change
I’m the number one stunna
Nigga, Baby’s the name
I like cooking crack
And watch how quick it come back

I rock a oyster-faced Roley
With the crust out bang
Ice cover the wrist whodie
Like I sprung my hand
I sport Prowlers, whips
With the TV’s playing
Iceberg, Prada dick
Like here come the man

I’ll pull up at Washington [and] Six
In a six
I’ll slide out quick
Bet I could fuck any bitch

I push a lavender Porsche Carerra
Seat sprayed leather
The top goes off and on
To floss with the rainy weather
The seats they ain’t customized
They made by Ricarro
A ruby red CF5
I’ll cop by tomorrow

For catching me on the interstate drunk
Running the law
With a bitch in my lap
Tasting my balls
I don’t like when they too much
Act like they stuck up
Leave Atrice nut up
I’ll bat that bitch up

The king of the Nolia
I crowd both the wrists
Lock down slanging towns
Took the top off the six
In the club I be thugged
With ten topless chicks
T-shirt, Girbauds, Reeboks
In it

Killa, ain’t no stopping it

Off top, can’t pop this bitch
You know what I’m saying
Baller Blockin’ you understand

New Edition of Cash Money

Some real Hot Boys
Believe it whodie


Let Us Stunt


[Baby {talking}]
I got that work
(For sure)
I got that work, nigga
Hustle — death if you hustle with us
(I’ll front ya, boy)
‘Cause I’ma put that work on your life, lil’ one
({too low to hear} if you’re shined out with a nigga)
It ain’t no secret

I’m that nigga, Baby
But my niggas, they call me Atrice
Every bitch I fuck gotta be above average
On another level, nigga — millionaire status
Just bought two mansions: one in Florida, one in Dallas
I’m a boss nigga
Buy whatever, don’t give a fuck ’bout the cost, nigga
I like to floss, nigga
It ain’t no secret: I’m the number-one stuntman
You come at me wrong, you’ll be in the trunk, man
I’m a O. G. shot caller — Big Tymer
Cadillac, Hummer, Jaguar, Benz driver
Thirty-six-ounces-in-the-glove-compartment hider

[B. G. ]
Don’t test the water — look, believe B. ‘ll ride

Nigga, I’m a millionaire
Tote two guns ’cause I’ve been there
Lil’ wodie, you don’t wanna go there
I’m fuckin’ all these hoes

[Mannie Fresh]
Y’all better believe!

And I’m tellin’ the next rappin’ bitch what’s up my sleeve, wodie

[Hook (Turk) ]
Bitches say we stunt too much (much)
It’s okay ’cause we can back it up (up)
Know you gon’ let us do what we do (do)
Rock our Rolie, ride drop-tops, too (too)

[B. G. ]
(Look, look, it’s a- it’s a- a checkmate, checkmate)
Ain’t it a bitch how I be stun’n — I know, but I can do that
I pull up, top down on a Prowler, they be like,»Who that?»
Common sense should tell ’em it gotta be a H. B.
‘Cause don’t nobody stunt like them niggas from CMB
Baby had me reppin’ since I was in the sixth grade
‘Cause niggas wonder how I’m eighteen and already made
I done been through it — from bustin’ heads to doin’ time
Now I’m on that level to where I got the right to shine
Me and my clique hit the scene — Ree’s, jeans, and T’s
Wrist, neck, and ears just shoutin’ *bling*bling*
We be thuggin’ to the fullest — stay handlin’ hoes
‘Cause all of ’em the same: straight scandalous hoes
I ain’t trippin’ — they can ride in the whip with a nigga
But put your head down and donate your lips to a nigga
Tossin’ bitches is a hobby ’cause me and my niggas share
Gotta respect that’s the life for this Cash Money Millionaire

[Hook (Turk) ]

[Mannie Fresh]
(What, what, what)
I know y’all sayin’,»Look here — what the fuck is that?»
A Space Shuttle, lil’ daddy — made by Cadillac
Take that other shit out, and put Corinthian leather
Put a sun-roof top for sun-roof weather
They go,»Whooooo!», when I fly by they shit
They go,»Oooooh!», you diggity? Just don’t quit
I like ’em one short, one tall, one a doll
I like ’em on their head in the bed against the wall
Turbo-charged dick slinger…
…pussy banger
Nasty in-and-out finger
See that girl that you’re with — I did that shit
Any girl that you get, I’ma hit that bitch
Last year: helicopter playa — hello
This year: plushed-out, pimped-out Space Shuttle
You like gorgeous Lovely, I know you do
And if you’re a real hot girl you’ll let me fuck your crew
For real, though

[Hook 2x (Turk) ]

Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
(Let us-)
What, nigga?
Let us do what we do
Big Tymers: B-3, Mannie Fresh
B. G.
Hot Boys
Cash Money
Juvie, Lil’ Wheezy
Suga Slim and his bitch
(Lil’ Turk)
CMR-a Millionaires, ya heard me
How ya lovin’ that?
Nigga, how ya lovin’ that?
Nigga, now how ya lovin’ that?




Can ya picture a lil nigga like me straight thug’n
Hotter than fire, hotter than somethin that’s in tha oven
Tha G-Code I live by everyday
Bitch nigga outta line, bitch nigga get erased
Like chalkboards
Look here my nigga I mean what I speak
Nigga want beef I rip both sides of tha street
I got niggas like Big Woe who would ride wit me (ride wit me)
Tre, Duck and Waldo would ride wit me (ride wit me)
I’m bout beefin, creepin whatever
In any kind of weather act a fool wit the diseal
Brotha and Bear look my niggas be thugged out
Quick to run up in yo house and clear everybody out
Know what I’m talkin bout
You don’t better find out
Cause I leave yo folks in all black cryin and whined out
I don’t play cousin I give niggas head shots
Not one, a couple of em makin sure that he drop
Look here nigga

[Hook] (BG)
You must don’t know his background (background)
He been a lil donkey straight from Uptown
Nigga you must don’t know his background (back ground)
He been a lil donkey nigga from Uptown
Nigga you must not know his backgorund (background)
He been a lil donkey straight from that Nolia Uptown

I’m tried of tellin you niggas bout fuckin wit me
What you think I’m bitch made keep on and you’ll see
You could make me go off if u want and get ya issuse
Face be on a picture, relatives gone miss ya
Nigga I never talk twice
If a nigga get down bad wit me, imma show em I ain’t nothin nice
I ain’t gone buck
Imma keep it on tha tuck
Catch cha wit yo head down then I’m jammin you up
You could under-estimate me if you want
And watch how fast yo bitch ass whine up gettin funk
You gone make me pop tha trunk
You gone wish you never did
Fuck givin body shots I’m hittin you in yo wig
Ya under dig
I’m a mutherfuckin murder man (murder man)
Wit tha K in my hand nigga you think that I’m playin
It ain’t nothin for me to start sprayin
Cause it’s in my blood line I’ll leave where you standin


When it come down to that guerilla shit nigga I’m bout it
Spinnin corners, Splittin fades wodie it gets me rowdy
I don’t just rap about it my nigga I live it
You could get it twisted if you want you gone get it
Let me burn yea
If you haven’t been taught nigga you gone learn yea
Hard head make a soft ass
Didn’t yo momma tell u that young nigga
You gotta gun so what nigga my gun bigger
If I’m up wit no stuntin I pull tha trigga
Aim for yo chest or head you die quicker
Nigga this young nigga here don’t play
Thug’n everyday and I roll wit a K
Don’t hesitate I’ll blow you away
Have yo family plannin yo funeral in tha way
If you don’t want my trouble you betta chill
Learnt this along time I kill or be killed



I Don’t Know


[Unplugged] (Lil’ Wayne)
Ohhhhhhhh, yeaahhh (CMB don’t twistle it don’t tangle it)
She looks like any other girl that I seen from place to place
But I know she not like any other girl
cuz I couldn’t take my eyes off her
She had a cowboy hat (what else) , a sun-greased tan
(what else) , pants with the ass just right
Now I can tell that me and her are gonna make a baby,
baby tonight

[Unplugged] (Chorus)
I don’t know why she’s affectin me
Or why this situation’s stressing me
I don’t know why nobody’s callin me
It makes me wanna give her all of me
And now she’s asking what I want it, how I want it,
where I want it, and when I want it
And what I want
Somebody tell me what’s going on, going on

Now it’s time to make my approach
Cuz its all most 2’o clock (bling, bling)
But I gotta do it now cuz I’ma get mine when I hit the parking lot
She said I know your name, I know what chu do not
impressed my the things you got (yeah right)
But I ain’t gonna lie, yeah I wanna ride
So baby lick the spot

[Unplugged] (Chorus)
I don’t know why she’s affectin me
Or why this situation’s stressing me
I don’t know why nobody’s callin me
It makes me wanna give her all of me
And now she’s asking what I want it, how I want it,
where I want it, and when I want it
And what I want
Somebody tell me what’s going on, going on

She looks like any other girl
But not like any other girl
I can tell by when she looked at me
She wanted me, and it’s not the green
Now I wanna make her mine (what)
I gonna waste no time (what)
I wanna know if you want me like I want you
(listen Weezy come on now)

[Lil’ Wayne]
Now as walk up in the club
It’s real dark up in the club
But AND WHAT my diamonds still spark up in the club
I see a bid night in the corner
By midnight I’m a goner
So what your name is Sonya
(Spitting noise) bet I bone her
I’m going to get rid of this last bag of marijuana
So won’t cha come outside with me
How bout chu take this ride with me
It’s gravy so we hop in the no top, four dot
She fasten it like»ooh this car is so hot» she got
And we stopped over at the Ramada
And I got her to come out on that powder
And right jump on just swallow
And swallow and drain damn she wild
Make her trip out Lil’ Wayne
Damn she loud, now
It’s all over cuz I’m finished with mine
I’ma tell her call tomorrow but then I be lying
But that’s all in different baby
And pimpin is me, hot boy Weezy-Wee what

[Unplugged] (Chorus) 2x
I don’t know why she’s affectin me
Or why this situation’s stressing me
I don’t know why nobody’s callin me
It makes me wanna give her all of me
And now she asking what I want it, how I want it,
where I want it, and when I want it
And what I want
Somebody tell me what’s going on, going on

[Lil’ Wayne (*Talking*) ]
Look, Unplugged, Lil’ Weezy
CMB doin it one more time
You know from Philly to the N. O
Don’t twistle it and tangle it
They don’t understand, it’s like the hottest of the hot
Don’t get in the way, for real… yeah
(*Inhaling sound*)



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