кинофильм «Beauty And The Beast» (p) 1991
(«Красавица и чудовище»)

Belle (Reprise)
Gaston (Reprise)
Be Our Guest
Something There
Human Again
The Mob Song
Beauty And The Beast

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Once upon a time,
In a far away land,
A young Prince lived in a shining castle.
Although he had everything his heart desired,
the Prince was spoiled, selfish and unkind.

But then, one winter’s night,
an old beggar woman came to the castle
and offered him a single rose
in return for shelter from the bitter cold.

Repulsed by her haggard appearance,
the Prince sneered at the Gift,
and turned the old woman away.

But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances,
for Beauty is found within.
And when he dismissed her again,
the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.

The prince tried to apologize,
but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart.
And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast
and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

Ashamed of his monstrous form,
the Beast concealed himself inside his castle,
with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.

The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose,
which would bloom unitl his twenty-first year.

If he could learn to love another,
and earn their* love in return by the time the last petal fell,
Then the spell would be broken.

If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.

As the years passed,
he fell into despair and lost all hope,

For who could ever learn to love… a beast?


Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Little town, it’s a quiet village.
Ev’ry day like the one before.
Little town, full of little people,
waking up to say:


Bonjour! Bonjour!
Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!

There goes the baker with his tray, like always,
the same old bread and rolls to sell.
Ev’ry morning just the same,
since the morning that we came,
to this poor provincial town.

BAKER: Good morning, Belle!
BELLE: ‘Morning monsieur.
BAKER: Where are you off to?
BELLE: The bookshop.I just finished the most wonderful story—about a
beanstalk and an ogre and a…
BAKER: That’s nice. Marie, the baguettes! Hurry up!

Look, there she goes-
That girl is strange, no question.
Dazed and distracted, can’t you tell?

Never part of any crowd.

‘Cause her head’s upon some cloud.

No denying she’s a funny girl that Belle!

MAN 1: Bonjour!
WOMAN1: Good day!
MAN 1: How is your family?

WOMAN 2: Bonjour!
MAN 2: Good day!
WOMAN 2: How is your wife?

WOMAN 3: I need six eggs!
MAN 3: That’s too expensive!

There must be more than this provincial life!

BELLE: Good morning! I’ve come to return the book I borrowed.
LIBRARIAN: Finished already?
BELLE: Oh, I couldn’t put it down. Have you got anything new?
LIBRARIAN: Not since yesterday!
BELLE: That’s allright. I’ll borrow… this one.
LIBRARIAN: That one? But you’ve read it twice!
BELLE: Well, it’s my favorite! Far off places, daring swordfights,
magic spells, a prince in disguise!
LIBRARIAN: If you like it all that much, it’s yours.
BELLE: But sir!
LIBRARIAN: I insist!
BELLE: Well, thank you. Thank you very much!

Look, there she goes.
The girl is so peculiar!
I wonder if she’s feeling well.

With a dreamy, far off look,

and her nose stuck in a book,

what a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle!

Now isn’t this amazing!
It’s my favorite part because—you’ll see!
Here’s where she meets Prince Charming.
But she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three!

Now it’s no wonder that her name means ‘Beauty’.
Her looks have got no parallel.

But behind that fair facade, I’m afraid she’s rather odd.
Very different from the rest of us,

She’s nothing like the rest of us.
Yes, different from the rest of us is Belle!

LEFOU: Wow! You didn’t miss a shot, Gaston. You’re the greatest hunter
in the whole world!
GASTON: I know.
LEFOU: No beast alive stands a chance against you— and no girl for
that matter.
GASTON: It’s true, Lefou. And I’ve got my sights set on that one.
LEFOU: The inventor’s daughter?
GASTON: She’s the one— the lucky girl I’m going to marry.
LEFOU: But she’s…
GASTON: The most beautiful girl in town.
LEFOU: I know, but…
GASTON: That makes her the best! And don’t I deserve the best?
LEFOU: Well, of course.I mean you do, but…

Right from the moment when I met her, saw her,
I said, She’s gorgeous and I fell.
Here in town there’s only she who is beautiful as me.
So I’m making plans to woo and marry Belle!

Look there he goes.
Isn’t he dreamy?
Monsieur Gaston, oh he’s so cute!
Be still, my heart, I’m hardly breathing.
He’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute!

Good day!
Mais, oui.
You call this bacon?
What lovely grapes!
Some cheese,
Ten yards!
one pound!
‘scuse me!
I’ll get the knife.
Please let me through!
This bread,
Those fish,
it’s stale!
they smell!
Madame’s mistaken.

BELLE: There must be more than this provincial life!
TOWNSPEOPLE: Well, maybe so X X X

Just watch, I’m going to make Belle my wife! X X X X

Look, there she goes.
The girl is strange, but special.
A most peculiar mademoiselle!
It’s a pity and a sin she doesn’t quite fit in.
But she really is a funny girl.
A beauty but a funny girl.
She really is a funny girl, that Belle!


Belle (Reprise)
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

BELLE: Is he gone? Can you imagine, he asked me to marry him!
Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless…

Madame Gaston— can’t you just see it?
Madame Gaston— his little wife.
No sir, not me! I guarantee it.
I want much more than this provincial life!

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.
I want it more than I can tell.
And for once it might be grand,
to have someone understand.
I want so much more than they’ve got planned…


Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

GASTON: Who does she think she is?!
That girl has tangled with the wrong man!
No one says no to Gaston!
LEFOU: Darn right!
GASTON: Dismissed! Rejected! Publically humiliated!
Why, it’s more than I can bear.
LEFOU: More beer?
GASTON: What for? Nothing helps. I’m disgraced.
LEFOU: Who you? Never! Gaston, you’ve got to pull
yourself together!

Gosh, it disturbs me to see you Gaston,
Looking so down in the dumps.
Ev’ry guy here’d love to be you, Gaston,
even when taking your lumps.
There’s no man in town as admired as you,
You’re everyone’s favorite guy.
Everyone’s awed and inspired by you,
and it’s not very hard to see why!

No one’s slick as Gaston,
no one’s quick as Gaston,
no one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s.
For there’s no man in town half as manly,
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley,
and they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on.

No one’s been like Gaston,
a kingpin like Gaston,
No one’s got a swell cleft in his chin like Gaston.

As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!

My, what a guy, that Gaston!

Give five hurrahs!
Give twelve hip hips!
Gaston is the best and the rest is all drips.

No one fights like Gaston,
Douses lights like Gaston,

In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston.

For there’s no one as burly and brawny.

As you see I’ve got biceps to spare.

Not a bit of him scraggly or scrawny,

That’s right!
And every last inch of me’s covered with hair.

No one hits like Gaston,

Matches wits like Gaston,

In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston.

I’m especially good at expectorating!

Ten points for Gaston!

When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs

every morning to help me get large.
And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs
so I’m roughly the size of a barge!

ALL (*)
Who plays darts like Gaston?
Who breaks hearts like Gaston?
Who’s much more than the sum of his parts—
Why, Gaston!

When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver
Beasts of the field say a prayer!
First I carefully aim for the liver
Then I shoot from behind.

Is that fair?

I don’t care!

No one shoots like Gaston,
Makes those beauts like Gaston.

Then goes tromping around wearing boots like Gaston.

I use antlers in all of my decorating!

Say it again!

Who’s a man among men

And let’s say it once more.

Who’s that hero next door?

Who’s a super success?
Don’t you know?
Can’t you guess?
Ask his fans and his five hangers-on.
There’s just one guy in town,
Who’s got all of it down!

LEFOU (**)
And his name’s
G-A-S-… T…



Gaston (Reprise)
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

MAURICE: Help! Someone help me!
MAURICE: Please! Please! I need your help!
He’s got her, he’s got her locked in the dungeon
MAURICE: Belle! We must go! Not a minute to lose!
GASTON: Whoa! Slow down Maurice! Who’s got Belle locked in
a dungeon?
MAURICE: A Beast! A horrible, monstrous Beast!
BEERDRINKER ONE: Is it a big Beast?
BEERDRINKER TWO: With a long, ugly snout?
MAURICE: Hideously ugly!
BEERDRINKER THREE: And sharp, cruel fangs?
MAURICE: Yes, yes! Will you help me?
GASTON: All right, old man. We’ll help you out.
MAURICE: You will? Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
[Maurice is expelled]
INKEEPER: Crazy old Maurice!
BEERDRINKER ONE: He’s always good for a laugh.
GASTON: Crazy old Maurice. Hmmmmm. Crazy old Maurice. Hmm.

Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking.


A dangerous pastime,

I know.
But that wacky old coot is Belle’s father,
and his sanity’s only so-so.
Now the wheels in my head have been turning,
since I looked at that loony old man.
See, I promised myself I’d be married to Belle,
and right now I’m evolving a plan!

(to Lefou) LEFOU
If I…. (whisper)…
Then we’d… (whisper)…
No! Would she?
… (whisper)… Guess!
Now I get it!


Let’s go!
No one plots like Gaston,
Takes cheap shots like Gaston,
Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston.

Yes, I’m endlessly, wildly resourceful

As down to the depths you descend.

I won’t even be mildly resourceful.

BOTH (*)
Just as long as I (you) get what I (you) want in the end!

ALL (*)
Who has brains like Gaston?
Entertains like Gaston?


Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?

So his marriage we soon will be celebrating!
My, what a guy!


Be Our Guest
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

LUMIERE: Ma chere mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest
pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you
to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly
presents… your dinner.

Be our guest. Be our guest.
Put our service to the test.
Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie,
and we provide the rest.
Soup du jour, hot hors d’oeuvres.
Why, we only live to serve!
Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious.
Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!
They can sing, they can dance.
After all, miss, this is France.
And a dinner here is never second best.
Go on, unfold your menu.
Take a glance and then you’ll be our guest.
Oui, our guest. Be our guest!

Beef ragout, cheese souffle.
Pie and pudding en flambe.

We’ll prepare and serve with flair a culinary cabaret!
You’re alone and you’re scared,
but the banquet’s all prepared.
No one’s gloomy or complaining,
while the flatware’s entertaining!
We tell jokes.I do tricks,
with my fellow candlesticks.

Und it’s all in perfect taste that you can bet.

Come on and lift your glass.
You’ve won your own free pass,
to be our guest.

If you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest!

Be our guest. Be our guest. Be our guest!

Life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving.
He’s not whole without a soul to wait upon.
Ah, those good old days when we were useful.
Suddenly those good old days are gone.
Ten years we’ve been rusting,
needing so much more than dusting.
Needing exercise, a chance to use our skill.
Most days we just lay around the castle.
Flabby, fat and lazy,
you walked in and oops-a-daisy!

It’s a guest! It’s a guest!
Sakes alive, well, I’ll be blessed!
Wine’s been poured and thank the Lord,
I’ve had the napkins freshly pressed.
With dessert, she’ll want tea.
And, my dear, that’s fine with me.
While the cups do their soft-shoein’
I’ll be bubblin’! I’ll be brewin’!
I’ll get warm, piping hot.
Heavens sake, is that a spot?
Clean it up! We want the company impressed.
We’ve got a lot to do!
Is it one lump or two? CHORUS
For you, our guest. She’s our guest!
She’s our guest! Be our guest!

Be our guest! Be our guest!
Our command is your request.
It’s ten years since we’ve had anybody here,
and we’re obsessed!
With your meal, with your ease,
yes, indeed, we aim to please.
While the candlelight’s still glowing,
Let us help you, we’ll keep going!

Course by course, one by one!
‘Till you shout, Enough, I’m done!
Then we’ll sing you off to sleep as you digest.
Tonight you’ll prop your feet up!
But for now, let’s eat up!
Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!
Please be our guest!


Something There
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

There’s something sweet,
and almost kind,
but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined.
And now he’s dear,
and so I’m sure,
I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.

She glanced this way,
I thought I saw.
And when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw.
No, it can’t be,
I’ll just ignore,
But then she’s never looked at me that way before.

New, and a bit alarming!
Who’d have ever thought that this could be!
True, that he’s no Prince Charming,
but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.

Well, who’d have thought!

Well, bless my soul!

Well, who’d have known?

Well, who indeed!

And who’d have guessed they’d come together on their own?

It’s so peculiar,
Wait and see We’ll, wait and see

A few days more.
There may be something there
That wasn’t there before.

‘Ere*, perhaps there’s something there
That wasn’t there before.


There may be something there
That wasn’t there before.


Human Again
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

MRS POTTS: (getting excited) Bless my soul… Dare I say it?
I think they’re starting to like each other.
COGSWORTH: Hmph. She’s merely dressed his wound, Mrs. Potts.
Nothing to get steamed up about.
MRS POTTS: Yes, but the way she dressed it. Kind and gentle
and the look in her eyes!
LUMIERE: Ah, oui… my friends, the day we have waited for may
be at hand!
MRS POTTS: If only that were true, Lumiere.
LUMIERE: Ah, human again.
MRS POTT: Human Again.
LUMIERE: Yes. Think what that means!


I’ll be cooking again,
be good-looking again,
with a mademoiselle on each arm.

When I’m human again,
only human again,
poised and polished and gleaming with charm.

I’ll be courting again,
chic and sporting again,

Which should cause several husbands alarm!

I’ll hop down off this shelf,
and toute suite, be myself,
I can’t wait to be human again!

[Interior of Belle’s room. Wardrobe, brush, comb, atomizer and other
animated beauty accessories are having similar longings.]

When we’re human again,
only human again,
when we’re knick-knacks and whatnots no more.

When we’re human again,
good and human again,

Ah cherie, won’t it all be top drawer?

I’ll wear lipstick and rouge
and I won’t be so huge.
Why I’ll easily fit through that door

I’ll exude savoir-faire
I’ll wear gowns, I’ll have hair,
it’s my prayer to be human again!

[Interior of Library. Beast’s clawed hand pushses open a door
covered in dust and cobwebs. He stands to the side for Belle to enter.
She gives him a curious look before stepping inside. It’s a long
abandoned library filled floor-to-ceiling with books. Belle gasps with
joyful surprise and gives the Beast a big thankful smile. He shrugs it
off. Outside in the hall, the Objects crowd around to watch.A
time-passes transition.]

Tick tock, the time goes,
the days pass, the clock crows.
They keep getting closer.
Well don’t they?

Tick tock, the time flies,
a full moon, a sunrise.
They keep drawing nearer and nearer

And as they draw nearer,
the day draws near too,
the day we’ve been waiting so long for,
is due…

[Interior of the Morning Room. The breakfast scene (that segues
into Something There in the movie). ORCHESTRAL background.]
[Dissolve to West Wing Hallway. Follow Footstool down a long
corridor as he struggles to balance a tall pile of towels which have
been stacked on his cushion to the once-forbidden West Wing. As he
passes Tables, Portraits on the wall, Statues and Art Objects sing.]

When I’m human again,
only human again,
when I’m not just a mere quelque chose.

When I’m mortal again,
will I chortle again,
when I’ve got one, will I thumb my nose.

I’ll say sorry my dear,
this old dame’s outta here!

Though you’ll visit sometimes I suppose.

Won’t the world be in tune,
one that swell afternoon
coming soon, when we’re human again!

[Interior of the Beast’s Lair. Footstool finally arrives in the
West Wing where the Beast’s erstwhile filthy lair is alive with busy
Objects cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, mending. MRS POTTS is in
charge. The Objects take clean towels from Footstool’s pile.]

So sweep the dust from the floor
let’s let some light in the room.
I can feel, I can tell,
someone might break the spell
any day now…

Shine up the brass on the door!
Alert the dustpail and broom!
If it all goes as planned,
our time may be at hand,
any day now!

MRS POTTS: Throw those musty old curtains away, child! We’ve no
use for them. What do you think of the floral print? Lovely!

[The room begins to gleam. The old curtains are pulled from the
windows. The light streams in.]

Open the shutters and let in some air.

Put these here and put those over there.

[LUMIERE and COGSWORTH enter and stand, amazed at the

LUMIERE: Sacre bleu! Mrs. Potts, you are a genius.
COGSWORTH: But will the Master approve of all this?
MRS POTTS: He wants to be human again, doesn’t he? Then he can’t
live like a beast!

Sweep up the years, the sadness and tears,
and thow them away!

[The musical cleaning continues. Objects change the sheets, sweep
the mess, shake the carpet, scrub the walls. It’s almost a dance, and
then it is a dance, with animated cleaning supplies waltzing around.
Perhaps Feather duster very carefully dusts the new bell jar covering
the rose.
[Suddenly, Beast looms in the door! The Objects hold their
collective breath. Will he be angry at their intrusion?
[Beast moves to the wall, reaches up… and straightens a tilted
painting. He flashes a grin of approval and exits. The Objects let out
a collective sigh of relief.]
[Interior of the Halls of the Castle. The cleaning celebration
continues and splls out into the rest of the place. Everything is
transforming from dark to light, from forboding to welcoming. And the
Objects we pass continue to express their hopes and dreams.]

We’ll be human again,
yes sir, human again,
’cause it looks like he just may come through.

Something’s stirrin’ again,
re-occurin’ again,
I’ve a sneaking suspicion, don’t you?

Little push, little shove,
they could—whoosh! —fall in love,
and we’d finally be human again!

[Exterior Garden.A time-passes transition. Day to evening. Late
winter to early spring. Inside, a light goes on in the library.]

(off stage)
Clouds pass the sundial,
the days move and meanwhile,
they keep getting closer well, don’t they?

Sands fill the hourglass,
the moons wane, the suns pass,
an evening, a morning, a week intervenes.
They keep getting closer,
you know what that means!

[Interior of the Library — night —: Moonlight streams through
the window shining on Bell who sits reading aloud to the assembled

BELLE: (reading)… when Guinevere heard that Arthur was slain
she stole away to a convent. And no one could ever make her
smile again. (closing the book) The End.

[LUMIERE throws himself onto COGSWORTH sobbing dramatically.]

LUMIERE: Oooooohhhhhhoooo!!! That was beautiful!
COGSWORTH: (shooing them out) Oh, see here. That’s
entirely enough of that! Now back to your duties! C’mon back
to work!

[As the objects leave, we see that in the shadows behind the
door, the Beast has been watching and listening to the story. He steps
shyly out of the shadows and approaches Belle.]

BEAST: (hesitant) Belle… d’you think you could… teach… me?
BELLE: To do what?
BEAST: (gestures to the bookshelves) Er… that.
BELLE: (surprised) To read? You never learned?
BEAST: (sadly) Just a little and long ago.
BELLE: (a smile) Well, at least we have something to start with,
then. Come here, sit by me.

[Belle opens the book and gestures for Beast to sit beside her.
Moment of silence, the lessons begin. Outside, the moonlight gives way
to dawn. Offscreen voices continue to sing.A time-passes transition.]

OBJECTS (off stage)
Tick tock, the time goes,
the days pass the cock crows.

Tick tock, the time goes,
the days pass the cock crows.

Coming together, closer and closer,
moving together, getting closer…

[dissolve to: Interior of Kitchen — some time later —: Belle
and the Beast sit at the kitchen table. She points to words as he
struggles with them.]

BEAST:... rrrr…
BELLE: That’s right.
BEAST:… rrrrrr…. (evolving into a frustrated growl) I can’t!
BELLE: Oh, yes. You almost had it!
BEAST: Rrrrrrran. (triumphant)… ran up the…
BELLE: Very good!

[Another time passes transition.]

Tick tock, the time goes,
the days pass, the cock crows.

Coming together… always closer…

[Exterior of the Castle Grounds — some time later: Belle and the
Beast sit under a tree. It’s still chill outside, but nice. Belle
wears a shawl and beams at her pupil’s progress.]

BEAST: Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of…

[He gets stuck… struggling to say the word. Belle urges him on
silently. With great difficulty, he finally manages to put the
sounds together and finally the whole concept clicks in his head.]

BEAST: (a joyous, triumphant bellow) WATER!

[Belle throws up her hands victoriously.]
[Exterior of another part of the grounds. Spring is in the air.
Candelabra and Mantleclock sit on the windowsill of a potting shed as
Lawn and Garden Implements prepare to begin work.]

When I’m human again,
only human again,
when the world once more starts making sense.

I’ll unwind for a change,

LUMIERE (sarcastic)
Really, that’d be strange.

Can I help it if I’m t-t-tense?
In a shack by the sea,
I’ll sit back sipping tea,
let my early retirement commence.
Far from fools made of wax,
I’ll get down to brass tacks,
and relax!

When I’m human again!

[The Outdoor Objects dance as they begin to clean up the grounds.
A primitive Hedge Clipper clips the hedges.A Bucket dumps water on
the terrace… a Mop mops it up.A Rack meticulously rakes the fallen
leaves into a pile. What used to be overgrown and spooky turns
friendly and inviting.]

When we’re human again,
only human again,
when the girl finally sets us all free.

Cheeks a bloomin’ again,
we’re assumin’ again,
We’ll resume our long lost joie de vie.

We’ll be playin’ again!
And we’re prayin’ it’s A.S.A.P.

When we cast off this pall,
we’ll stand straight, we’ll walk tall.

When we’re all what we were,
thanks to him, thanks to her,
coming closer and closer and closer and closer and…

[ORCHESTRAL movement follows, with following scenes linked to
[Exterior of the Stables: PHILLIPPE stnads outside the stable as
a young Horsebrush brushes him down. Horsebrush spots Rake’s big pile
of leaves and gets a mischievous glint in his eye. He takes a flying
leap off Phillippe’s back… and dive-bombs into the pile… scattering
leaves everywhere. On Rake’s look of exasperation, cut to…]
[Interior of the Beast’s Room. BEAST stands at a mirror with a
comb in his huge hand studying his unkempt mane. He attempts to comb
through it, but the comb gets snared on a knot. He pulls… and
pulls… wincing at the pain. With a mighty effort, he manages to drag
the comb through. With a relieved smile, he turns to the mirror to see
the result. One tiny combed lock out of an entire headful of tangles
and knots hangs down over his forehead. The smile fades. He gathers
his courage and returns the comb to the fray just as…
[…BELLE appears at the BEAST’s door with a book. It stands
ajar. She peeks in to see the BEAST struggling to control his unruly
mane. She watches him for a moment. There’s something endearing in his
clumsy efforts to improve his appearance.]
[Exterior of the gardens. The Outdoor Objects are now working on
the gardens. Bees buzz and birds flit overhead. Hedge Clippers clips
back the tangled branches of teh rose bushes.A Hoe digs up fresh
dirt.A Watering Can waters the roots of the flowers. Hoe sees
something really exciting and motions the others over for a look. It’s
the first bud of spring! Rake has finally got his leaf pile back to
its former condition. There’s one last stray leaf and… done! Rake
smiles with satisfaction just as…
[…BELLE runs past… right through the pile… scattering them
all over again. This is immediately followed by…
[The BEAST who runs past, chasing her playfully into the maze.
Rake stares at the mess with disbelief. After all that work! There’s
only a teeny little pile of leaves left.
[It’s Footstool chasing after Belle and the Beast. He scatters
the last of it. Poor Rake throws up his ‘hands’ and walks away in
[The Maze: BELLE and the BEAST play hide-and-seek in the
confusing maze. BELLE hides behind a corner and leaps out to scare
him. Boo! BEAST jumps! She laughs and takes off again. Footstool goes
running eagerly through the maze. Where’d they go? He sniffs the
ground trying to searach them out… turns a corner and… BOO!!! They
both jump out and scare him. Footstool yelps and takes off with his
tail between his legs. BELLE laughs and turns around to share the joke
with BEAST. But he’s disappeared. Confused, BELLE turns in a circle
and… BOO! She screams! And as they both break into laughter the
dancing Objects go waltzing by. We lose BELLE and the BEAST and focus
on the Objects as the number concludes. All the world seems to be
singing and dancing.]

We’ll be dancing again!
We’ll be twirling again!
We’ll be whirling about with such ease.

When we’re human again,
Only human again,
We’ll go waltzing those old one-two-threes.

We’ll be floating again!
We’ll be gliding again!
Stepping, striding, as fine as you please.

Like a real human does,
I’ll be all that I was,
on that glorious morn,
when we’re finally reborn,
and we’re all of us human again!

(*) This 9.5 minute segment was cut from the movie and the
soundtrack for the reason that it made the animate objects too
mercenary. This entire scene is taken from Kathy Li’s report from the
1992 San Diego Comic Convention.


The Mob Song
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

GASTON: The Beast will make off with your children!
[Crowd gasps.]He’ll come after them in the night!
GASTON: We’re not safe til his head is mounted on my wall!
I say we kill the Beast!
MOB: Kill the Beast!

We’re not safe until he’s dead!

He’ll come stalking us at night!

Set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite!

He’ll wreak havoc on our village,
if we let him wander free!

So it’s time to take some action, boys!
It’s time to follow me!

Through the mist, through the woods
Through the darkness and the shadows
It’s a nightmare but it’s one exciting ride!
Say a prayer, then we’re there
At the drawbridge of a castle
And there’s something truly terrible inside:
It’s a beast! —He’s got fangs, razor sharp ones!
Massive paws, killer claws for the feast!
Hear him roar! See him foam!
But we’re not coming home,
‘Til he’s dead!!!
Good and dead!
Kill the Beast!

BELLE: No! I won’t let you do this!
GASTON: If you’re not with us, you’re against us!
Bring the old man!
MAURICE: Get your hands off me!
GASTON: We can’t have them running off to warn the creature!
BELLE: (muffled) Let us out!
GASTON: We’ll rid the village of this Beast! Who’s with me?!?
VARIOUS: I am!!! I am!!!
I am!!!

Light your torch!
Mount your horse!

Screw your courage to the sticking place!

We’re counting on Gaston to lead the way!

Through a mist, through a wood,
Where within a haunted castle,
Something’s lurking that you don’t see every day.

It’s a beast! One as tall as a mountain,
We won’t rest ’til he’s good and deceased!
Sally forth! Tally ho!
Grab your sword! Grab your bow!
Praise the Lord and here we go!

GASTON: We’ll lay seige to the castle and bring back his head!
BELLE: I have to warn the Beast! This is all my fault!
Oh, Papa, what are we going to do?
MAURICE: Now, now, we’ll think of something…

We don’t like what we don’t understand
in fact, it scares us
And this monster is mysterious at least!

Bring your guns! Bring your knives!
Save your children and your wives!
We’ll save our village and our lives!
We’ll kill the Beast!

I knew it.I knew it was foolish to get our hopes up.
LUMIERE: Maybe it would have been better if she’d never come at
all! Could it be?
MRS POTTS: Is it she?
LUMIERE: Sacre bleu! Invaders!
COGSWORTH: Encroachers!
MRS POTTS: And they have the mirror!
COGSWORTH: Warn the master! If it’s a fight they want, we’ll
be ready for them!!! Who’s with me?!

GASTON: Take whatever booty you can find, but remember,
the Beast is MINE!

Lights ablaze, banners high,
We go marching into battle,
unafraid, although the danger just increased.

Raise the flag! Sing the song!
Here we come, we’re fifty strong
And fifty Frenchmen can’t be wrong!
Let’s kill the Beast!

Pardon me, master…
BEAST: Leave me in peace.
MRS POTTS: But, sir! —The castle is under attack!

Kill the Beast! Kill the Beast!

LUMIERE: This isn’t working!
FEATHERDUSTER: But, Lumiere, we must do something!
LUMIERE: Wait, I know!

Kill the Beast!
Kill the Beast!

POTTS: What shall we do, Master?
BEAST: It doesn’t matter, now. Just let them come.



Beauty And The Beast
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Tale as old as time,
True as it can be.
Barely even friends,
Then somebody bends

Just a little change,
Small, to say the least.
Both a little scared,
Neither one prepared,
Beauty and the Beast

Ever just the same.
Ever a surprise.
Ever as before,
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise.

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song.
Bittersweet and strange,
Finding you can change,
Learning you were wrong.

Certain as the sun
Rising in the East.
Tale as old as time,
Song as old as rhyme.
Beauty and the Beast.

Tale as old as time,
Song as old as rhyme,
Beauty and the Beast.

Mrs. Potts:
Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It’s
past your bedtime. Goodnight, love.


Belle: Paige O’Hara
Beast: Robby Benson
Gaston: Richard White
Lefou: Jesse Corti
Cogsworth: David Ogden Stiers
Lumiere: Jerry Orbach
Mrs. Potts: Angela Lansbury


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