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Песни к иностранным фильмам

 кинофильм «My Best Friend’s Wedding»

кинофильм «My Best Friend’s Wedding»(p) 1997 режиссер I Say A Little Prayer [Diana King] Wishin’ And Hopin’ [Ani DiFranco] You Don’t Know Me [Jann Arden] Tell Him [The Exciters] I’ll Be Okay [Amanda Marshall] The Way You Look Tonight [Tony Bennett] I Say A Little Prayer [The Cast]   I …

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 кинофильм «Transformers: The Movie»

кинофильм «Transformers: The Movie» режиссер The Touch [Stan Bush] Instruments Of Destruction [NRG] Dare [Stan Bush] Nothin’s Gonna Stand In Our Way [Spectre General] The Transformers [Lion] Hunger [Spectre General] Dare To Be Stupid [Weird Al Yankovic]   The Touch     You got the touch You got the power …

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кинофильм «Magnolia»

  кинофильм «Magnolia «режиссер Wise Up [Aimee Mann]Goodbye Stranger [Supertramp]Logical Song [Supertramp]   Wise Up    It’s not what you thought when you first began itYou got what you want now you can hardly stand itThough, by now you knowIt’s not going to stop. It’s not going to stop.It’s not …

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кинофильм «Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me»

  кинофильм «Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me» (p) 1992 режиссер David Lynch Sycamore Trees A Real Indication Questions In A World Of Blue The Black Dog Runs At Night   Sycamore Trees     Music composed by Angelo BadalementiI’ve got a dear manYou took me for the walkUnder …

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кинофильм «The X-Files»

кинофильм «The X-Files» (p) 1998 режиссер One [Filter] Flower Man [Tonic] Walking After You [Foo Fighters] Beacon Light [Ween] Invisible Sun / Sting & Asward [The Police] Deuce [The Cardigans] One More Murder [Better Than Ezra] More Than This [The Cure] Hunter [Bjork] Black [Sarah McLachlan] 16 Horses [Soul Coughing] …

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кинофильм «Scream 3»

кинофильм «Scream 3« (p) 2000 режиссер What If [Creed] Wait And Bleed [Slipknot] Spiders [System Of A Down] Time Bomb [Godsmack] Tyler’s Song [Coal Chamber] Sunburn [Fuel] Dissention [Orgy] Crawl [Staind]   What If     I can’t find the rhyme in all my reason I’ve lost sense of time …

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 кинофильм «End Of Days»

кинофильм «End Of Days» (p) 1999 режиссер The Camel Song [Korn] Slow [Professional Murder Music] Crushed [Limp Bizkit] Poison [The Prodigy] Superbeast (Girl On A Motorcycle mix) [Rob Zombie] Bad Influence [Eminem] Nobody’s Real [Powerman 5000] Sugar Kane [Sonic Youth] Wrong Way [Creed]       The Camel Song   …

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 кинофильм «The Lord Of The Rings»

кинофильм «The Lord Of The Rings«(p) 1978 режиссер   Mithrandir     Music by Leonard Rosenmann Lyrics written by Mark Fleischer. Let the night never cease to call you Let the day nevermore be the same Though you’ve gone where we cannot find you In each heart you have set …

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кинофильм «Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me»

  кинофильм «Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me»режиссер Beautiful Stranger [Madonna]My Generation [The Who]Draggin’ The Line (performed by REM) [The Shondells]American Woman [Lenny Kravitz]Word Up [Melanie G]Just The Two Of Us [Dr. Evil]Time Of The Season [Big Blue Missile]Alright [The Lucy Nation]I’ll Never Fall In Love Again  Beautiful Stranger …

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кинофильм «Barb Wire»

  кинофильм «Barb Wire» (p) 1996 режиссер  None Of Your Business     What’s the matter with your life?Why you gotta mess with mine?Don’t keep sweatin’ what I doCuz I’m gonna be just fine — check it out If I wanna take a guy home with me tonightIt’s none of …

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