."Men In Black "
 "Men In Black " (p) 1997 

Men In Black  [Will Smith]
We Just Wanna Party With You  [Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Just Cruisin'  [Will Smith]
The 'Notic  [Roots]
Make You Happy  [Trey Lorenz]
Escobar '97  [Nas]
Same Ol' Thing  [A Tribe Called Quest]
Killing Time  [Destiny's Child]
Chanel No. Fever  [De La Soul]

  Men In Black    
Here come the Men in Black It's the M. I. B. 's, uhh, here come the M. I. B. 's Here come the Men in Black They won't let you remember The good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we ever face to face and make contact The title held by me -- M. I. B. Means what you think you saw, you did not see So don't blink be what was there is now gone, black suit with the black Ray Ban's on Walk in shadow, move in silence Guard against extra-terrestrial violence But yo we ain't on no government list We straight don't exist, no names and no figerprints Saw somethin strange, watch your back Cause you never quite know where the M. I. B. 's is at Uh and... Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) Galaxy defenders (oahhaooohh ohhhhh) Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) They won't let you remember Uh uh, uh uh, now from the deepest of the darkest of night on the horizon, bright light enters sight tight Cameras zoom, on the impending doom But then like BOOM black suits fill the room up With the quickness talk with the witnesses Hypnotizer, neuralizer Vivid memories turn to fantasies Ain't no M. I. B. 's, can I please do what we say that's the way we kick it Yaknahmean? I see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya We're your first, last and only line of defense against the worst scum of the universe So don't fear us, cheer us If you ever get near us, don't jeer us, we're the fearless M. I. B. 's, freezin up all the flack (What's that stand for?)Men In Black The Men in Black... The Men in Black Let me see ya just bounce it with me, just bounce with me Just bounce it with me c'mon Let me see ya just slide with me, just slide with me Just slide with me c'mon Let me see ya take a walk with me, just walk it with me Take a walk with me c'mon And make your neck work Now freeze... Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) The galaxy defenders Right on, right on Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) They won't let you rememberk (ohhhh nooooo) Alright check it, let me tell you this in closin I know we might seem imposin But trust me if we ever show in your section Believe me, it's for your own protection Cause we see things that you need not see And we be places that you need not be So go witcha life, forget that Roswell crap Show love to the black suit, cause that's the Men in That's the Men in... Here come the Men in Black (here they comeeeee) The galaxy defenders (ga-la-xy de-fenders) Here come the Men in Black (ohhhh here they come) They won't let you remember (won't, let you, rememberrrr) Here come the Men in Black (ohhhh here they come) Galaxy defenders (ohh ohh, ohh ohh, ohh ohh) Here come the Men in Black They won't let you remember

  We Just Wanna Party With You    
Uhh, whatchu wanna do? SoSoDef You wanna get down? (ah get down, get down) Whatchu wanna do? (ah get down, get down) Said you wanna get down? (We got Snoop Dogg, in the house tonight) Whatchu wanna do? (with the homeboy JD) You wanna get down? (ah get down, get down) Whatchu wanna do? (ahh ha ha) Yeah, now check this out Now, everywhere I go they wanna see Don-Che-Che-O Yes obsessed with SoSo all my dough How the jewelry glow and the Cristi' flow Ain't no secret I sleep with freaky premium bush when I push they push And after we push I leave her Cause I don't love her Ha ha, and me neither A-B-C-D-P-G-C Who could it be, it's the D-O-double-G Known for the bone and the chrome on the D's Gold credit card backyard full of green trees (what?) Breeze through the summer in a Hummer wit tint Or dip in the low-low but that's just for promo Never leave me alone, without the dough doe I'm SoSo cold but y'all didn't know doe To be a high roller, you need a pistola And about a half a key of some Coca-Cola Now that I got older, I got a little colder And I don't trip to get a chip off my [nigga's] shoulder Mad dreams, of a gangsta being like Cagney or Bogey but Snoop Doggy Ain't no follower, man I'ma General So when I put it down I gots to be so original I'm quick to bust just like Daz Dillinger But that's the little homey and I'm the big homey Snoop Don Corleone Spittin it, hittin it, while I'm gettin that Bout it, bout it, and happy to shout out, mmm I dissapear 'fore the game get crowded Take a trip overseas to the West Indies, freeze JD (uh-huh), music please I get goosebumps when the bassline thumps So fat, call me Professor Clump Ain't nuttin on the low about me I floss And no there's none of these [hoes] son what I toss On the track better bring chips cause I cost Million dollar company [fuck it] I'm the boss I don't sit back and watch I go for it Different colored drops on the car port, who's short? Khakis on my leg, Lugz on my feet I'm walkin up the street while boppin my feet I'm fresh off the bus from Memphis, Tennessee Head still spinnin from the Coke and Hennesee Sit down on it, nah, get down on it It really don't matter cause you want it, Dogg-gonit Cuz, you must was buzzed When you was bumpin your gums, who you thought I was? But look, I ain't even trippin right now It's like that there, bow, wow So many styles I could flip em like a file Pop my drop top and let the beat rock Dip through, course you do, miss you But back to the issue, I wish you stop tryin to clown the Pid-ound Cause you don't really wanna get down All we wanna do is make you dance No standing on the wall Get your back up off the wall, c'mon All we wanna do is make you dance No standing on the wall Get your back up off the wall Cause I heard all my [niggaz say You know it When your dancing yeah That's right You show it When you move move move You know it Do you wanna dance? Come with me and dance When your dancing yeah You show it Do you wanna move? I'ma make you move When you move move move Come with me, yeah yeah, we gon let the beat go on like this Do I wanna dance? I'ma make your dance Do y'all wanna move? I'ma make you move...

  Just Cruisin'    
Intro The maestro Nice flow Hot like nitro Cool as ice though That type of docodimy Y'all know it's gotta be Who else could it be but me Rub your eyes but hold the big Billy It's dream supreme bean stream from Philly It's the eclectic female attractor rapper slash actor Right back at ya Into to the next millinium many come but few are chosen See me servin' like the U.S. Open Another type of hustler listed at Blockbuster Go and ask a movie usher Who is he, he or she SFP, movies CD's, and TV's, but uh uh 'cause the day I take a break from that As I roll where a tank of gas will take me at I used to rock these Red, I rock Z's Now I rock the MB's With twelves and V's Today sun high Up in the sky From NY La la to MI I'm Just Cruisin' Where, baby, I don't care Just Cruisin' As long as you take me there Just Cruisin' Somewhere to clear my mind Just Cruisin' Just Cruisin' Zero to sixty a sixty Flossin' ninety degrees Sony cartridges, ten CD's each Reach to the beach South side leanin' It ain't often I'm off and I'm for the top down drop down Got me hot now heated up can't stop now What up cutie what sure sure is cooking now Yo I know I'm spoken for can't hurt lookin' no Pop CD's, B-I-G's, and Tupac's While cruisin' on the blocks Hittin' the hot spots Got my celly on O-F-F Golden arches got my belly goin' oh yes yes So let's just ease on down ease on down the road No pager on my hip As I rollin' my whip 'Cause today I'm on the solo creek Man, why you think I be workin' so hard all week Sun settin' in the S-K-Y Must say I have the best day I Tryin' to find an exit A place to chill not to hectic So I can spend some time with Will Let the sun shine to the moonlight clearin' my mind Soul search, see what I find If I'm being the best lover and friend Am I being the best daddy I can I pray I am And I feel good today Reminiece as I'm cruisin' around the way Roll tight passed the park where I used to play Can't think of a better way to spend my day Uh, still findin' my way Still growin' Petrol rowin' Moon soon showin' Gots to get goin', losing the light And the freaks come out at night

  The 'Notic    
The 'Notic Roots Feat/D'Angelo This beautiful blend, I knew her through a mutual friend She was a work of art, a part of my heart from back then A brown skin singer, with a knack for actin, Alana's whole attraction Just fractionally based on surface, I got into her mental on purpose And with alertness, as I flirt with her emotion Walls we built up out of nervousness was broken I reminisce on how this Black Thought had her open Wit da energy that got the whole summertime smokin very hypnotized When it was time we spent time It's no way to rewind or prevent time from slipping away like day, into the dark and the way that things fall apart, will make some start to feel more, weak or insecure But for whatever reason our relationship remain mature Even when she caught feelings cuz I stay on tour As I reflect on before, and recap the situation I guess from experience, comes education We set on a path to opposite destinations It's best to chalk it up and add it to the elevation Then eventually flow on to lost communication I called but lost all information And with time forgot it, it's not like I'm all in tears about it But the fact still remains that I miss the Hypnotic You're a shinin' star No matter where you are For the world to see What you truly be She was the hypnotic, and potent as a narcotic the bizarre logic of it all, is why the clock tick pages of the calendar flip, we can't stop it time will either tell the tale, or turn a love toxic now was she real, or an illusion of this optical confusion with the accent of ancient Egypt or could it be that she's the one I was supposed to be with and together walked this twisted, staircase is somethin realistic damn, her lips having me addicted to her presence front page material on essence, a queen, imperial before her adolescence and as she grew into a woman she became refine I never knew another like her in my lifetime so now I travel through a tunnel of space, without a place on the face of this earth, with this pain gettin worse drivin me insane, or release I'm touchin the brink, of sanity to think of how I can link, or contact her I was a fool before, but more wise after the fact I'm analyzin how I'm wantin her back and wonderin exactly where she could be on the map I'm just sittin here spinning the world on one finger reoccuring thoughts of this brown skin singer yo, the psychotic, the hypnotic, yo check it out the most melodic hypnotic, yeah You're my shinin star No matter where you are Dont know what to say Was it true to be

  Make You Happy    
Baby Ive been thinking bout you night and day I cant seem to get you off my mind Seems to me youre never getting what you need But I got it right here, I can make you feel so right Baby let me make you happy Take you riding in my caddy If you want me, you can have me You can even call me daddy Good lovin, chocolate covered Sweeter than a muther, muther Make you never call another Freak you underneath the covers I can make you happy if you want me to Let me make you happy like your man wont do Baby you can tell me all your fantasies We can do whatevers on your mind All I want to do is get you close to me Believe me when I tell you That girl you should be mine all mine I can make you happy if you want me to Let me make you happy like your man wont do Girl I want to creep with you tonight Theres so much we can do If you say its alright I just wanna get deeper into you Come inside of your love Feel the warmth of your touch Hold you, I can show you You should give me a chance Put yourself in my hands I just wanna get closer to you Girl please that your bodys calling me too (baby) I can make you happy if you want me to Let me make you happy like your man wont do

  Escobar '97    
Honies, cash, weed, cars ghetto celebrities, 'hood movie stars gat slingers now rap singers are who we are went from Nasty to Nas to Nas to Escobar The path we all walk, starts out long it's like a boardwalk monopoly, some make it around, some go down, it's prophecy happy days balancing with life's atrocities hoppin' in v's, knowin' some day I got to lead properly high up in a five realizing the price paid for this life laid in the light shade one might say, top of the world's two whips, a crib and a girl quick to celebrate it, poppin' corks like they made it pretentious, arrogant niggas is senseless pro ball players with white wives, peep they night lives while you could catch me in a crisp white five dark tinted, dijon-scented, with Al Green on my theme song, love and happiness, how can it seem wrong I mean before this, I used to rock a taurus with the donuts now I grown up, got it chromed up got the rap game sewn up, sho-nuff niggas acting cool, but it's really no love I feel a slow buzz, off the dutch this is everyday, every second got to make it pay, every lesson I learnt got me open while most of these rappers'll stay burnt With so much drama in QBC, it's kinda hard being Escobarro Elderado Red, sippin' Dom out the bottle my life is like a Donald Goines novel we wave glasses like bravo drunk niggas with mad problems, and shot pockets my niggas from the block rock this, box cocaine, cook it and chop it looking to profit, in different ways goin' through this difficult stage, called life but each year my physical's praised some fell beyond the reach of help cut in the street, thinkin' they could teach theyself when all we wanted was a piece of wealth and randomly, feed our family the streets are insanity amply, living in ths thug's fantasy richest nigga in show biz is what I plan to be heavy chain and my QB sway, living this king's life magazines write about me, in this dream it's all tight Now the main thing that boggle my brain be all the bottles of pain iced the chain and all the followers came they tried to throw me off track, but I caught that they thought I lost that but I'm continuing to make more stacks halftime, new york state of mind, it was written was hittin' trips overseas, southeast, diamond and riches sleepin on the plane, wake up when we land feelin' real scared, on the ground rollie flush, princess cuts, and large rounds the crews up, findin time to shine rocks it's real, you violate, be in a pine box if it go there, I lay you before you lay me, it's crazy I didn't make the game, the game made me records for the babies so they raised up in mansions haters keep hating, and ladies'll keep glancing Yall know the routine out this muthafucka.... word up

  Same Ol' Thing    
Check my style out Life situations are the one I speak about It seems cats now-a-days we gettin' introduced to courage Don't get discouraged 'cause my words will threw her like flourish we got the bounty we from the queen's county overlookin' things like a Rushmore Mounty And got no other choice except to get a little love We rise above We be fittin' like a glove Thr pain in my heart is getting dosed by joy We have no other boy but to bring the B-boy There's nothin' on this erb that can end still fear The locomive, puttin' my thing in gear I only have the fear of guard and that's aqua You need binaca Your trap is blazing like blanca I got the lethal you couldn't put a match to it Let me know yo we could do it like Stu it Mind over matter action is needed When the big one not to be super seeded Responsibility is somethin' I can't deny The illegallies is Narcist reply Most cats scrambled to do 'cause they want to But on the kick rising in the past on in prompt to My lily's hot like two links in the skillet A room filled with speakers one stage, watch me kill it Now we should resort from the cradle to the grave Round and opposition twisted like Super Dave You be looking, Bub, just like Uncle Jesse Don't make the scene messy 'Cause it'll jump that's word Aunt Betsy Profound sentences to pure lyric dems Some of my friends be like a people with stems Folks be on the chase for this cheddar Thinkin' it makes your life better But it can make you ass out And when I'm at a show chicks never pass out We got the noise to make the whole mash out A Tribe Called Quest make the party go down Plus we make posite divots to fill up all your crowns Lyrics come to cats like a hot and cold flash So can come with ease if four and a smash Held the fort down like the Justice League all the super friends But in the world turn more spins Brothers walk the street with the ill pace face City life breeze contempt for each race All pages due to a law and I should say it It' the abstract, motor, vader, making things, making things better Puttin' things in perspective to rock and roll 'Cause you know this kid is got wild soul Of every kind of drama Like stars out pirhanna Cold like ice jazzed hot like a sauna It's the has verse the the half guess who's arrived in the hood Exposing all wrongs it's all good Yo word up, hip-hop is live like a wire Let's get a little bit before the whole joint expire I got to stress it again You see it's for my Ken And all my babies Children of the world, no maybe's To you we got to move through And push through Because we got to make it happen keep the true blue It's like that So much confusion goin' on So much confusion goin' on Inside all mine Inside all mine So much confusion goin' on Uh, uh, uh, uh But everything will be fine So much confusion goin' on So much confusion goin' on Gotta make it alright Gotta make it alright Gotta elevate your mind Elevate your mind

  Killing Time    
Sitting on the stairway Hoping that youre looking Waiting patiently For you to come back to me (What should I do) And I dont mind the waiting As long as theres just maybe A possibility For you to be true to me Ill be sitting on the stairway Til you call and turn to me With nothing to do baby, yeah But twiddle my thumbs and think Killing time, waiting on you What should I do Ill be sitting here waiting Killing time, waiting on you What should I do Ill be sitting here waiting Look inside your mirror I hope you see clearer Then look behind yourself And you will find me (What should I do) I got your back baby The love I have Im saving Ill be there for you Just like I said Ill be here Oh baby when you come back down Dont forget the love you found in me I know that youre gonna take time But remember Im by your side Dont worry Im down for you No matter what youre going through Ill be there, Ill be there Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

  Chanel No. Fever    
It's in the back y'all It's on the wall y'all It's in your head, but it's not the fever Now with the B-I double L bill We bill the par territories placing flags on terrains Now I said it was yours so snatch the world back from Wayne We did, universally sparked the lid Now these ladies love how we live Got'em caught, shit you already know looking so fly That the dog that played spiderweb your up aliasing here Sucker cats don't try to steer Near this, wish you could bring it this way Compliments of Wonder Y and my nigga David J So the do, re, mi, fa, sol, la Many reach to devour the stage, put the guts out the venue Ah, shut up in your face no need to continue I've been there, done that Received it, won that Yo stunned that, that's how you like To Sun frozed Keep my shit in harvest like Farmer John grows crops Hops, you'll need the whole ceiling to tops I saw the empire, set your liquid to fire Bim Blam set a flame to your fanny Davis the surname like Davis the Sammy A grammy, my concern is to earn for a little age Next time, next rhyme, next phase Now put your hand on your hip Now put your hand on your hip And let your backbone slip And let your backbone slide Now put your hand up on your hip Now put your hand up on your hip And let your backbone slip for the fever Hey, ladies and gents reintroducing to you Shootin' shit like hot asses at the sip of bean stew Super fat come the visitor zoo Peace to my homewood niggas and my man Tofu I'm through evil that man do Get some ass on the side so my love can shine through Pull a cigar with crew, lean back and let it soak Your holdin' on to my twelve dollar smoke Man, it was Mase who laced the beat from up out the Earth Leaving brothers hipnotized like Ootney Fonsworth But I'm hip but no tized than that, clap to the break of dawn Dada, wonder why it's hotter than hot Why not knee, my Steve got niggas on the dick They want to join the click I hope that ass get a record deal So they can feel what I feel To overstand that ring ring, how you do is real You must be from Italy 'cause all you do is roam Microphone to microphone, lookin' for home I write a poem to make the publicists flock the prone cop China on stage so I don't need a spotlight Should be tight like tupperwear supperwear, drawers of socks Sippin' on gray pot yo scratch the pork chops Cause nothin' here drops We're goin' up, up, up, up, up, up, up It's the fever


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